'No mole, no fee'

Under 10 acres


I will visit for free to assess your mole problem and give you my best estimate of how many moles I think you have and how many visits I expect it to take me to clear the problem.  You are under no obligation to proceed. 

I charge £70 for the first mole caught and £20 for each mole thereafter. 

For customers outside a 20 mile radius of DN20 9BJ there will be an additional £10 charge for fuel costs. 

Any lost or damaged traps will incur a £20 charge. 

Over 10 acres


£10 per mole plus £10 per day mileage charge.  (This may vary where the mole problem is particularly serious). 

No charge for a no-obligation visit to assess the problem. 

Any lost or damaged traps will incur a £20 charge.